Excellence in antique restoration and refinishing is another thing Memory Lane Antiques is known for.


Our refinishing process starts with stripping the finish or paint form the piece. ¬†We then take the piece completely apart and re-epoxy it. The ¬†furniture will be sanded by hand and then stained. The pieces that are not refinished for a customer are stained with Memory Lane Antiques’ custom stain. The craftsmen will be happy to customize the stain as they refinish your heirloom pieces. They are skilled at many finishing processes, including: French lacquer, traditional lacquer with a high gloss, oil finishes and traditional varnish and shellac finishes. They use formaldehyde-free conversion varnish to create the amber coloring of traditional varnish and the durability of polyurethane without the plastic feel. Then, the finish is hand-sanded, rubbed out with steel wool, waxed using a steel wool applicator, and then hand buffed to sheen. This creates a smooth patina and restores the piece to near-original condition.

The craftsmen take great pride in their trade and have perfected old world craftsmanship. This combination allows them to carefully bring your pieces back to their original beauty that will last through generations.